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Turn your ideas into impact.

the university of chicago booth school of business is dedicated to improving markets and organizations around the world by turning the smartest ideas into meaningful action. if you’re driven by deep curiosity, rigorous analytical thinking, a passion for collaboration, and boldness in action, then you’ve arrived at the school designed for leaders like you. welcome home.

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Boundless Outcomes

Make an Impact that Endures

every day, chicago booth alumni throughout the world drive progress through their groundbreaking ideas, deep collaborations, bold leadership, and unshakeable commitment to making a meaningful difference through their work.

See how Booth supports leaders like you in pursuing—and achieving—the impact of your dreams.

A Dynamic Student Experience

Join a Vibrant and Deeply Connected Community

booth students work passionately to understand the world around them and to help each other succeed.

those strong relationships extend beyond the classroom, where you’ll find full- and part-time students engaging in more than 40 student groups that cover social, professional, athletic, diversity, leadership, and special topics. whatever your interests, there’s something for everyone in the booth community.

"we all come from different backgrounds and are on diverse career paths. but i’ve been struck by the strong commitment to work with each other and help each other."


Award-Winning Faculty

Engage with the Brightest Minds in Academia and Business

乐彩论坛chicago booth faculty members are consistently recognized for their substantive contributions to the fields of business, economics, psychology, and others. all told, nine faculty members at booth have won nobel prizes, with three of those honorees currently teaching at booth. that diverse body of professors—the same ones you’ll study with in any of our programs or locations—has shaped modern understanding of markets and organizations like no other institution in the world.

A Collaborative Global Network

  • 52K Chicago Booth
    alumni worldwide
  • 122 Countries home to
    Booth alumni
  • 90 Global
    alumni organizations
  • As a Chicago Booth graduate, you'll be part of a collaborative global community seeking to bring new thinking to a host of challenges—on every continent, in virtually every industry. A Booth education equips you with lifelong access to a close-knit professional and personal network whose members are committed to helping each other rise—so you can achieve a lifetime of impact.

Unrivaled Academic Training

Build A Strong Multidisciplinary Foundation

乐彩论坛at chicago booth, we believe a lifetime of impact requires a firm grounding in core principles, from accounting and statistics to human psychology and business leadership.

乐彩论坛these tools form the foundation of an education that will serve you well in any industry and help you skillfully navigate every economy.

乐彩论坛and you’ll have the intellectual freedom to explore your unique interests and build on your passions to achieve your personal and professional goals.


“the opportunities that booth gave me, both inside and outside the classroom, were transformational.”


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