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  • Are Profits Passé?
    Making a difference while also making money is a full-on phenomenon. Chicago Booth Review explores the new investing landscape in a featured collection of articles that explore impact investing.
  • What Great Entrepreneurs, Salespeople, and Business Leaders Have in Common
    Professor Waverly Deutsch reviews the growing body of research on the overlap and differences among highly effective entrepreneurs, salespeople, and leaders.
  • A Workday with David Lee, ’11
    David Lee, ’11, vice president of innovation and UPS ventures at the United Parcel Service, is helping one of the world’s largest logistics companies think like a startup.
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  • When Lying Helps—and When It Hurts
    New research from assistant professor Emma Levine looks at when telling a prosocial lie—a lie that we think will help or protect someone—can backfire.
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