Dougan Scholars Certificate Program

The Dougan Scholars Certificate Program

the dougan scholars certificate program is designed for university of chicago students who wish to complement their undergraduate curriculum with a deep understanding of the economic disciplines driving business today. through study in chicago booth courses, dougan scholars discover their own aptitude for analysis and problem-solving skills and see firsthand how these tools can be translated to real-life scenarios.

At Chicago Booth, MBA students learn The Chicago Approach, an educational philosophy rooted in the belief that transformational ideas start with rigorous inquiry. It teaches a multidisciplinary perspective where students gain a diverse array of analytical and behavioral tools. A greater clarity and understanding of subjects such as accounting, economics, statistics, and social sciences provide Chicago Booth students with the insight to interpret complexities, make good decisions, and foster ideas that have lasting impact on the world around them.

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乐彩论坛as a dougan scholar, students benefit from:

  • Early bidding for MBA-section courses
  • Selective cohort program at Chicago Booth
  • Transcript designation upon course completion at Booth
  • Booth student mentor for the duration of the program
  • Educational sessions led by Booth alumni and faculty
  • Access to faculty and/or research opportunities


Email or call 773.702.7369 with questions regarding the Dougan Scholars Certificate Program.

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