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evening mba and weekend mba students have diverse career goals, and chicago booth career services offers a wide variety of tools and resources that enable you to tailor your career management strategy to fit your individual path.

Booth's Career Services team that is dedicated to part-time MBA students is based at Gleacher Center. They are available during the day and offer programs in the evening before class, on Saturdays, and virtually, which allows students to easily engage.


Career ambitions for the 2018 Incoming Classes

乐彩论坛at the time of application, our data show that incoming evening mba and weekend mba students have the following career ambitions:

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seek to advance in current employer or industry

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seek to make a career change (industry, function, etc.)

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seek to start or advance their entrepreneurial venture

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have other ambitions with their MBA

Career Services Tailored for You

In response to our students career goals, Career Services offers a tailored approach to these three aspirational career categories. 

Media Type Icon Career Advancer

those seeking to advance within their company

Media Type Icon Entrepreneur

those exploring or starting entrepreneurial ventures

Media Type Icon Career Changer

those seeking to change companies, functions, or industries

One size does not fit all

乐彩论坛these categories require different career management strategies and tactics. career services will help you develop an individualized action plan to help achieve your goals.

See the Career Impact

View data from our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Employment report乐彩论坛 to see the career advancement and changes our alumni experience within one year of graduation. Often, students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs are focusing on their current jobs and school. Several do not engage in a job search during the program. Therefore, we measure changes within one year pre-graduation and one year after graduation.

View Career Impact